Mansfield Is A Town In North Nottinghamshire

A podcast about the past, present and possible futures of Mansfield, a town in North Nottinghamshire. Fifty years ago Mansfield was a vibrant mining and manufacturing hub and a safe Labour seat. Now a blue brick in the UK’s old red industrial wall, the town seems less certain of its identity and role in the world. What does the future hold for Mansfield? Presented by Robert Shore and his mum. Produced by Matt Downing, who also provided the music. Theme tune performed by Bobby and the Midlanders.

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Friday Jul 01, 2022

We take a tour of Mansfield with Andy Abrahams, the elected mayor, as he tells us about his ambitious plans to transform the town centre. People are beginning to talk about Mansfield in a new way, he says. We also talk to local historian Denis Hill about the town's evolution since the earliest times. What happened between the departure of the Romans and the arrival of Robin Hood, and even a bit beyond? We find out.
The interview with Denis Hill begins around the 5-minute mark.
The interview with Mayor Andy begins in the market place around the 17-minute mark. He then tells us about his plans for the old Co-op and Beales building (about 30 mins in). We then move to White Hart Street, where he tells us about his ideas for the area around the viaduct (about 37 mins in).

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

We commemorate 28 May 2022, the historic day the Stags – Mansfield Town Football Club – played Port Vale at Wembley in a bid to secure promotion to League One, and stag Dale celebrated his upcoming wedding by joining a large proportion of Mansfield’s population in relocating to North London for the day. Come on, you Stags! And congratulations, Dale and Clare!

Friday May 06, 2022

Mansfield’s varied architecture is the key to both its past and its future. In this episode, in between tales about visiting elephants and the day a whale came to town, Pete Brown explains how the Mansfield Townscape heritage team are seeking to revive the town’s historic centre to make it a more interesting and dynamic place for future generations to enjoy. We also ask tour guide and architectural historian to nominate her favourite Mansfield building by Victorian architectural maestro Watson Fothergill (or Fothergill Watson, depending on your mood).

Thursday Apr 28, 2022

Alvin Stardust, Witchfynde, Frank Sinatra*… many are the musical legends hailing from or strongly associated with Mansfield. But few are the songs with the word ‘Mansfield’ actually in the title. Until now.
*Not really.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

We talk to Lucy Brouwer about Mansfield and the wider area’s portrayal on the small screen in Landscapers and Newark Newark, and look forward to hearing David Morrissey doing a Mansfield accent in the forthcoming series Sherwood. We also talk to local filmmaker Jay Martin about his political documentary Red t’Blue and his plans for a Mansfield film festival. Could Mansfield be the new Hollywood?
CONTENT ALERT: Contains mild references to violence, execution, death and coalmining.

Sunday Mar 20, 2022

We talk to MP Ben Bradley about his plans to bring jobs and cultural vibrancy back to Mansfield – success for the Stags this season could be key to the town centre’s revival, he says. We also talk to local historian Denis Hill about the first appearance and subsequent development of Mansfield’s market place – did Robin Hood really do his shopping here? 

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